For statues higher than 30”, here is what our prices cover and not-cover:

    Our online prices cover the following costs:

    Terracotta Warriors and packing
    Shipping freight from our factory to the destination port or warehouse in our destination cities
    Handling and documents
    Marine insurance
    Our prices do not cover the following costs, all of which will be charged in the delivery country:

    Destination Charge
    Customs Clearance
    Other fees, like X-ray, warehouse in/out etc, which occur after the order arrives in the delivery country
    Transfer fee from the port/warehouse to the consignee’s doorstep.

    We use the most secure method, ocean shipping, to deliver big terracotta warrior replicas overseas. It usually takes about 40 – 60 days to deliver orders to North America, Southeast Asia and Australia; 60 – 80 days to European and the Mediterranean region; 80 – 100 days to South America and Africa. Our local agent will provide the consignee an arrival notice about one week before the order arrives. The notice usually includes the ETA date of the order, the contact information of the warehouse and our agent. Please read the notice carefully to avoid unnecessary costs.


    An order will be processed once its full payment is made through PayPal or bank transfer, details of which will be provided upon request.

    Damaged or Wrong Warrior

    Warriors should be checked for its status at the destination port upon arrival. If it is found broken or different from the order placed, please contact us as early as possible. With the proof of a clear photo, we send a new warrior and afford charges the same as our clients have paid us. We will not be responsible for any damage after the delivery from the destination port to the consignee’s place. In case of damaged warriors when delivered to door, the buyer shall understand warriors fee will be fully refunded the carrier fee will not be refunded. Once an order is placed we understand that you’ve read and agreed to this.

    Cancellation Policy

    For a cancellation made within 96 hours after the order is placed, we refund full payment.
    For a cancellation made after 96 hours but before 144 hours, we charge $280 cancellation fee and refund the rest of the payment through PayPal.
    We do not accept a cancellation made 144 hours after the order is placed.