Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di

    Emperor Qin Shi Huang is a controversial ruler in Chinese history. He was crowned when he was 13. But the power remained in the hands of his prime minister and his mother and her paramour until his adult ceremony came. He successfully killed the prime minister and his mother‘s paramour and secured his own rule. When he was 39 he unified China . His main contributions to China are the unification of measurements, currencies and characters and building national road system. Under his cruel rule, Confucian scholars were buried alive and Confucian books were burned. Hundreds of thousands people died in massive construction of his mausoleum (Terracotta Army is just small part of it), the Great Wall of China and his grand EPang Palace. Our statue is a sculpture of imagination. The statue is one of our best seller.

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    1/1 Full Size77x26x30inch (195x65x75cm)75x30x33inch
    660lbs (300kg)US$1759.00US$60.00
    3/4 Size59x20x15inch (150x50x38cm)55x22x24inch (140x55x60cm)286lbs (130kg)US$1159.00US$60.00
    1/2 Size43x15x12inch (110x38x30cm)39x18x18inch (100x45x45cm)132lbs (60kg)US$629.00
    (minimum order: 2)
    *Actual size and weight may vary because the warriors are handcrafted.
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    Gray, Black, Terra cotta, Antique
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